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Free Soul Compass Intro Webinar

Learn how to use art to discover your next steps in life and career.

You're at a crossroads in your life. You've got some big decisions to make.

You could either:

Keep spinning your wheels, analyzing your pros/cons list, asking friends for advice, and wearing yourself out.


You could learn a creative way to consistently tap into your inner wisdom - your guiding force that always knows the right path for you.

Which option sounds better to you?

Soul Compass is a 12 week, virtual group workshop designed to guide you toward your most authentic self, through art and the creative process. When you're aligned with your authentic truth, these crossroads and big decisions become easier and exciting, rather than daunting and exhausting.


If you're ready to stop avoiding your intuitive wisdom, and find out what's going on deep down in your gut, join me for a free webinar where you'll learn:

  1. How to use art to access your intuition.
  2. How to use your intuition to create a life and career you love.
  3. Your top three mindset blocks keeping you from your decision-making power.

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If you can't attend Live, but you still want to participate, go ahead and register, and I'll send you the replay.