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March Challenge: Taking Action

One of the biggest stumbling blocks in new entrepreneurs: failing to take action.

I see and hear it all the time:

"I need to know how this whole thing is going to look before I do something."
"I'm just so unclear about it all! I'm scared of taking the wrong action!"
"I'm going to brainstorm a while before I do anything."

As a World Champion Over-Thinker, I can tell you that taking time to think, rather than taking action, never works.

I know it's counter-intuitive, but action really does create clarity.

If I'm lost in the woods, sitting there and thinking about the best direction to take is not going to help me discover the best direction to take. All sitting and thinking is going to do is keep me lost.

Instead, I need to just pick a direction, and start walking. Once I start walking, I'll sooner or later discover if I made the right or wrong choice, and I can course-correct from there.

Our businesses are exactly the same.

Conventional business wisdom tells us that we have to have all of our shit together before we start, but that's not true anymore. This belief keeps us stuck.

The current reality is that online, we can build our businesses over time with a lot more flexibility than the way business was done 15+ years ago.

Challenge Objective:

Consistently move through fear and take strategic action on building our businesses.

Challenge Guidelines:

  • Follow the weekly prompts.
  • Complete the accompanying worksheets to work with and release the underlying fears, beliefs, or mindset blocks.
  • Earn entries into the prize drawing: 
    1. Post in the group with your insights, struggles, aha's, and progress, with the hashtag: #FebruaryChallenge. Each general progress post will earn you one entry into the prize drawing at the end of the month.
    2. Watch & participate in the Thursday FB Live check-ins for one additional entry each week.
    3. Complete the prompt, post about it in the group with a specifying hashtag (ex: #Week2), and earn 2 entries into the prize drawing.

The Prize:

This original painting, titled, "Clarity":



Set a goal for the week, and take 3 strategic action steps to get you closer to that goal.

Share your progress, or lack of progress, with the group. Use the worksheet below to set your goal and action steps:

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