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January Challenge: Visibility

Learning to be visible is one of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs today. We each bring our own baggage and fear associated with visibility, and if we don't acknowledge it, it can prevent us from really thriving.

Visibility, in the context of entrepreneurship, means: the ability to allow your content, products, services, and your brand to be seen. 

For many of us, we are the face of our brand, and when we're not used to being seen on such a large scale, we devise ways to hide.

Examples of Fear of Visibility in entrepreneurship:

  • Not sharing or launching your website until ___(fill in the blank)____.
  • Avoiding marketing your business (or learning how to market your business).
  • Rarely (or never) talking about personal experiences or showing your personality.
  • Rarely (or never) sharing images of yourself.
  • Avoiding real-life conversations about your business.
  • Putting off important investments/benchmarks.
  • Getting overwhelmed right before you're about to do something that would make you/your business more visible.

If you can relate to any of the above, you're not alone. All entrepreneurs have some level of this fear, and continue to work through it throughout the journey.

AND: you do not need to solve your fear of visibility before becoming visible!! That is a BS belief based in fear of visibility ("I need to fix x,y,z before I can be successful."). The only way to overcome the fear is to practice being visible.

Challenge Objective:

To cultivate courage and stretch our comfort zones in order for our businesses/brands to be more visible.

Challenge Guidelines:

  1. Follow the weekly prompts (sent via email) to stretch your comfort zone.
  2. Complete the accompanying worksheets to work with and release the underlying fears.
  3. Post in the group with your insights, struggles, aha's, and progress. Each post you create will earn you one entry into the prize drawing at the end of the month.
  4. Complete the prompt, post about it in the group, and earn 2 entries into the prize drawing.

The Prize:


Check in with your progress as much as possible to be entered to win a Palo Santo stick and a Quartz crystal!


Talk to someone (outside your immediate circle) about your business.

To go further: Talk to more than one person!


Share your website with the group!

To go further: Share your website with your family, friends, or social media following.


Introduce yourself (with a picture of you) on social media!

Tip: Business owners use the hashtag #FridayIntroductions on Fridays to introduce themselves! Search the hashtag on Instagram for some inspiration.

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