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February Challenge: Healthy Habits for Success

In order for our businesses to succeed, we need to learn to take care of ourselves first.

In Solo-Entrepreneurship, it can be easy to overextend ourselves, simply because there's no one else (and no external structures) to keep us in check.

Challenge Objective:

To practice and establish self-care routines that support our businesses.

Challenge Guidelines:

  • Follow the weekly prompts.
  • Complete the accompanying worksheets to work with and release the underlying fears, beliefs, or mindset blocks.
  • Earn entries into the prize drawing: 
    1. Post in the group with your insights, struggles, aha's, and progress, with the hashtag: #FebruaryChallenge. Each general progress post will earn you one entry into the prize drawing at the end of the month.
    2. Watch & participate in the Thursday FB Live check-ins for one additional entry each week.
    3. Complete the prompt, post about it in the group with a specifying hashtag (ex: #Week2), and earn 2 entries into the prize drawing.

The Prize:

Trader Joe's Pomegranate Body Butter



Establish 3 boundaries you can stick to on a weekly basis.

Complete the worksheet below to discover where you could benefit from healthy boundaries, and what you need to do to enforce them.


Work on replacing one habit with a new, healthier habit.

Complete the worksheet below to decide which habits to replace!


Identify your resistance and share it with the group!

Use the worksheet below to explore where resistance shows up for you:

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