Starting and running a business is challenging.

I'm not going to sugar-coat it: the first year of business is harder than most things you'll ever do. Aside from actually learning how to start and run a business, entrepreneurship can be lonely and disorienting and a huge test of will.


I know because I've been there.

I left a toxic job to pursue my dreams as an entrepreneur. I thought, since entrepreneurship would allow me to finally do the work I loved doing, my stressful, anxious, depressed days were over.

As it turns out, working alone, processing alone, and making 100% of business decisions alone is... well, lonely!

And the loneliness and isolation started to take its' toll. Quickly, I found myself on the road to burnout (again), so I knew I needed to ask for help. I researched support systems for entrepreneurs, like coaching and masterminds, only to discover that the investments were larger than I could afford at the time.

I felt like I had to choose to invest in either educating myself about running a business or seeking support. Investing in both felt out of reach.

EntrepreNewbies gives you the necessary keys to start-up success at an incredible value.


How EntrepreNewbies works:

Members are given the tools to succeed in business via monthly virtual Masterclasses, weekly Q&A's, and frequent resource sharing. The community is hosted in a private Facebook group, where members can connect, support, and check-in with each other every day. Plus, monthly challenges encourage members to push past their comfort zones and really make a difference in the world.

EntrepreNewbies also have the opportunity to choose membership plans that include group and/or individual coaching to fuel business growth. In these virtual coaching calls, you'll work through specific issues in your business and overcome mindset blocks that keep you stuck.

Plus, you can upgrade or downgrade your membership plan at any time according to your needs.


We provide the education, accountability, and emotional support so you and your business can thrive.

EntrepreNewbies usually fall into one (or all) of these categories:


Dreamers with a big idea.

You've been talking about it for a while, and now it's time to act. Whether you want to write a book, sell your products or services, or open a brick-and-mortar shop, EntrepreNewbies will help you establish a solid foundation and set you up for success.

This is a place to stop saying "someday" and put your dreams to action.

Creatives hoping to monetize their work.

You've got an Instagram account and a growing fanbase of your work, but you're not quite sure how to bridge the gap from hobby to business.

Become an EntrepreNewbie and learn how to turn your creative talent into revenue.

Entrepreneurs who are finding their way.

You've been calling yourself an entrepreneur for a little while now, but you feel lost. You know you have something of value to offer the world, but delivering it has proven to be more difficult than expected.

EntrepreNewbies can help you get back on track again, and bring your vision to life.


EntrepreNewbies are called to help. We're a community of women who want to make the world a better place by using our authentic gifts.


Tailored Guidance

Attend weekly Live Q&A's, and monthly Masterclasses with The Growth Studio's founder, Monica, to receive relevant guidance from someone who's been there.

Clarity & Direction

Share your questions and concerns, bounce ideas around, and ask for help. The community is your sounding board, and Monica is your coach.

Incentives & Prizes

Who says business has to be all business, all the time? Take part in monthly challenges and win prizes just for participating!

Burn-Out Protection

Emotional exhaustion is a real problem in new entrepreneurs. Develop community now to protect yourself from overwhelm.


Budget Friendly

The average investment for a business coach is $800/month.

Starting at $24/month, EntrepreNewbies will give you vital support and accountability, and leave extra room in the budget for start-up costs.

Community Access

There's nothing more healing than sharing struggles, questions, and accomplishments with peers. All members receive access to a private, members-only Facebook group.


Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time. No annual commitments or additional fees.

Plus, try EntrepreNewbies free for 5 days when you sign up for the Support Plan.


Choose the membership plan that fits your needs:


Support Plan

  • 5 Day Free Trial
  • Access to all previous Masterclasses in the Masterclass Library
  • Monthly Masterclasses on community choice topics
  • Access to monthly accountability challenges and prizes
  • Weekly Live Q&A with Monica
  • Daily prompts to keep you on track

Accountability Plan

  • Access to all previous Masterclasses in the Masterclass Library
  • Monthly Masterclasses on community choice topics
  • Access to monthly accountability challenges and prizes
  • Weekly Live Q&A with Monica
  • Daily prompts to keep you on track
  • Monthly small-group coaching calls

Level Up Plan

  • Access to all previous Masterclasses in the Masterclass Library
  • Monthly Masterclasses on community choice topics
  • Access to monthly accountability challenges and prizes
  • Weekly Live Q&A with Monica
  • Daily prompts to keep you on track
  • Monthly small-group coaching calls
  • Monthly 1:1 strategy & mindset coaching calls with Monica

Do I have to live nearby? Do we meet in person?

No and no. The community and all membership content is delivered virtually, so it doesn't matter where you live!

When are the Live Q&A's, Masterclasses, and Group Calls?

Currently, the Live Q&A's are held on Thursdays at 5pm EST, and replays are posted in the group.

Masterclasses occur once per month on Tuesdays at 5pm EST, and replays are posted in the Members Area for later viewing.

Group Calls are scheduled once per month based on members' availability.

Is EntrepreNewbies appropriate for someone just starting out in business?

Yes! EntrepreNewbies was made for you! I know it can feel like you don't belong in other groups and communities made up of more seasoned entrepreneurs. That's why EntrepreNewbies exists!

What if I can't participate in every call/class?

Totally fine. We all have busy schedules, and it's unlikely that all members will be available for each call. Rest assured, each Q&A and Masterclass will be recorded and posted so that those who missed can watch the replays.

Is this a course?

No. This is first and foremost, and a community of new entrepreneurs empowering themselves and each other to build successful businesses. The content of the Masterclasses, Q&A's and monthly challenges is based solely on the needs of the community, so there's no preset curriculum or requirements.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership anytime?


Can I cancel my membership anytime?


What is the format of EntrepreNewbies?

The community is currently held in a private Facebook group, and the weekly Live Q&A's take place there as well. Members are encouraged to check in daily with their business goals, progress, questions, and struggles.

EntrepreNewbies members also have access to a Members Area on The Growth Studio's website, where they can watch previous Masterclasses, register for group calls, and book one-on-one sessions.

How does group coaching work?

We meet in small groups, via Zoom, and each member has time to talk about where they feel stuck in their business, ask for feedback, and receive guidance. Members learn from each others experiences and are more likely to progress faster due to social accountability.

How does individual coaching work?

You and I meet one-on-one, via Zoom, and we talk about your business; where you feel stuck, what you're struggling with, and how to implement new learning.

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