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Marketing doesn't have to be a dirty word.

I was trained to be a therapist. When I got out of grad school, I had every intention of pursuing a career in counseling and art therapy.

When I changed course, I realized I had a lot to learn.

Somehow, I picked up the belief that marketing exists to trick people into buying something they don't really need. I wasn't out to trick people, I was out to help people.

No wonder marketing wasn't on my list of things to learn in my lifetime!

In B-School, I learned that marketing isn't about tricking people (well, some marketing is, but it doesn't have to be). Marie taught me how to market my skills, knowledge, and experience in an authentic way that is focused on helping people, not tricking them.

She taught me that I can run my business with integrity, and I learned that businesses with heart have a huge advantage in the business world today.

Most of all, she taught me that I couldn't really help anyone unless I learned how to market myself and my business.


Fast-Action Bonus


Business Vision-Boarding: Live Workshop with Monica

Those who enroll in B-School on the first day of enrollment (Feb. 20th), before 11:59pm EST, will receive an exclusive invitation to attend a Live virtual workshop to envision how your business will empower your best life.



Part 1

3 Month EntrepreNewbies Membership

  • Access to a private community forum to connect with other new entrepreneurs, brainstorm business ideas, and find solutions when things get hard
  • Daily prompts to keep you focused and moving forward
  • Monthly accountability challenges (and prizes just for participating!)
  • Monthly Masterclasses (past topics include: Managing Overwhelm, Finding Your Ideal Client, and Overcoming Self Doubt)
  • Monthly group video chats to talk business, life, and the journey

3 B-Schoolers-Only Group Coaching Calls

Implement what you learned in B-School and develop a strategy for success with three small-group coaching calls after B-School is complete.

3 One-on-One Coaching Calls

I'll help you dive into your unique situation to discover the most authentic way to build your business, dissolve your mindset blocks, and step into your power as a visionary, creative entrepreneur.

$627 value



Part 2

Squarespace Website Design Package

  • Branding & Design audit of your existing website (includes suggestions for optimizing your website to visually appeal to your ideal client)
  • Custom Branding Questionnaire to identify your ideal visual communication style
  • Custom Copy Questionnaire to connect with your audience in a direct, succinct, powerful way
  • Website Design: including 5 pages, on-brand images, and custom copy

Packages can be customized to your specific needs.

$650 value


Total value of your bonus:


All of these bonuses are included when you enroll in B-School through the link below:

By clicking the enroll button above, you will be taken to the B-School website, but you'll still be purchasing through The Growth Studio. You will receive an email confirming your bonus within 24 hours of purchase.


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