The Evolution of a Business: Why The Growth Studio is Rebranding


The time has come for The Growth Studio to take on a new identity. An identity that matches what this business has become, and what it will be in the future. Instead of suddenly unveiling a new brand and new offerings, I want to bring you inside the evolution, in both how my business has grown, and how I've grown as a result.

When I started my business, I was transitioning out of a career in mental health counseling. At the time, I knew I wasn’t meant to be a counselor, in the traditional sense, and I was coming to terms with that hard truth.

See, up until that point in my life, I had been building an identity. From feeling lost just after High School, to discovering my love for photography, to discovering art therapy, I felt like I was getting closer and closer to a career that aligned with who I really was. When I graduated with a Masters in Counseling and Art Therapy, I thought I had finally arrived. Finally, I thought, I can do what I was meant to do.

When I discovered that counseling and art therapy was not what I was meant to do, I felt completely bewildered. Regardless, I decided that I wouldn’t knowingly spend my life doing work that I wasn’t meant to be doing. I would continue my search, honestly and openly.

Then, The Growth Studio was born. I took everything I had learned, everything I was, and everything I wanted to become, and started to grow a business.

Little did I know, as I was building my business over the next two years, I was actually deconstructing the false identities I had built up around who I really am. I was deconstructing the deeply held belief that I had to be everything to everyone. I was shedding the layers of who I thought I would become… To make space for who I was always meant to be.

Little did I know, as I was building my business over the next two years, I was actually deconstructing the false identities I had built up around who I really am.

I started my business by building my website. I spent months designing, redesigning, and playing with the layout, visual elements, and copy. Something about building my website captured me like nothing had before. I loved the practice of translating how I wanted my visitors to feel, into visual terms.

I thought my best marketable skills were the skills I learned while getting my Masters, so I started by offering coaching. At the time, it made sense. I wasn’t meant to be a counselor, but I could coach. Instead of focusing on untangling the past, I could help people shape their future.

I imagined that my coaching services would be the backbone of my business, while offering art-based workshops, courses, and exercises. But about a year in, I made a new discovery: I didn’t love walking people through the process of growth.

Wait… what?

This went directly against everything I thought I wanted to do with my life. I thought I wanted to help people fulfill their dreams? I thought I wanted to help people grow?

I couldn’t deny it… helping people by working with them one-on-one felt misaligned. I felt the overwhelming need to help on a broader scale, and let go of the identity I had built around being people’s personal guide.

From here I tried hosting workshops and groups, but still felt a level of difficulty that accompanies misalignment. I was lacking ease.

At various points, I tried focusing more on my art-based content. I created a course, several workshops, and wrote an eBook. And still, the ease wasn’t there.

Now, I’m not saying I had an expectation that running a business should be easy, I’m saying that I know how it feels to operate from my zone of genius. Things just flow. Work comes naturally. It fuels energy, instead of depleting it. And I started this business to live with more ease and freedom. To live from my zone of genius. And I just wasn't feeling it yet.

Throughout all of this, I was sharing my process. I was writing blog posts, and sharing my experience on social media. As a guarded introvert, the past two years of extroverted growth were foreign and vulnerable.

But the process of trying and learning and failing and sharing allowed me to let go of the layers of misaligned identity I had created. And as I let go of each one, new clarity emerged that brought me closer to my zone of genius.

About five months ago, I was approached by my partner’s cousin, who asked me to update her website. She’s a private practice therapist and a busy mom. Immediately, I said yes. I didn’t even have to think about it - it sounded fun.

I dove in and created a visual brand for her, took custom photos, wrote custom copy, and designed a site that matched how she wanted her clients to feel. All of which I had never done before (besides doing it for my own business). Each day I worked on her site, the time flew by. I would forget to eat. After a day of designing, I would be amped with energy instead of drained, which was kind of unheard of for me.

Suddenly, it dawned on me: this is it. This is my zone of genius.

All at once, the seemingly random wanderings of my twenties made sense. The degrees in photography and art therapy and counseling. The experience in branding, marketing, and operating an online business.

I realized I was in a completely unique position to offer website design services and marketing strategy to private practice therapists. I realized, this is the summation of all of my passions, and this is what it looks like to live in my zone of genius.

So now, I’m officially letting go of my expectations about being a therapist, art therapist, or counselor. I’m using all of my skills, knowledge, and experience that I've acquired throughout my life, and soon, my brand will reflect that.

What will go:

I will no longer be offering art-based workshops for personal development, or career coaching. My existing digital workshops, the open studio, and my eBook will be no longer be available.

The name, logo, and overall look of my brand will change gradually over the next two months.

What will stay:

My mastermind community for new and aspiring creative entrepreneurs, EntrepreNewbies will stay. As a creative entrepreneur, with helping bones in my body, I’m passionate about showing other creative entrepreneurs the way. This is how my passion to guide and teach will stay alive.

What’s new:

My website will soon reflect my brand-new website design, brand photography, and copy writing services for private practice therapists.

P.S. I’m looking for two additional clients to work with before my new brand releases at the end of April. If you’re a therapist in private practice, and need a website that converts visitors into clients, fill out the form below to work with me at my introductory rates.

A final note to everyone who has witnessed my journey thus far: thank you.

I’ve shared with you my highs and lows, and that’s a big deal for this introvert. Thank you for reading and seeing my growth. I can’t wait to keep sharing the next phase of my journey. I hope you’ll join me.