In The Studio: February 2017

Usually, when I make art, it’s out of necessity. There’s something that needs to be said, and art is the only form of communication that will make it known. 

Art-making is a skill I’ve been developing my whole life, and it’s become another language for me. It’s more than a simple hobby… And it’s more than an avenue to hone my technical skill. My soul speaks through creative expression. My truest and clearest voice comes through in my art.

In this way, sharing what I create is an incredibly vulnerable act. I’m showing pieces of my soul, here. For someone who struggles with allowing herself to be visible, heard, and known, this type of vulnerable sharing is a big deal. Anxiety and resistance show up, but I choose to share anyway, not only because there’s power in vulnerability, but because I know that the voice that speaks through my art is one that resonates. And we all need resonant connection.

This month, in the studio, I’ve been creating small batches of what I’m calling “intentional paintings.” Each batch is imbued with a certain quality, or intention, that I need in that particular moment. And since we’re all connected, going through our respective life journeys, I recognize that you too, might need this specific quality.

To start, I cut my large, high quality watercolor paper into 3x3 squares. I’ve always found squares to be soothing; much of my art throughout the years has been formatted in squares. I’m sure there’s meaning to that, but the answer has yet to reveal itself.

Next, I tape off the edges with drafting tape. The tape blocks the watercolor and creates a clean frame after all is said and done.

Once I have my batch prepped, I gather my paintbrushes, watercolor crayons, and water glass, and sit silently for a minute. I ask myself, “what do I need right now?” I ask, “What are these paintings about?” and “What needs to be said?”

I trust what I feel, and start creating.

First adding swatches of color to the blank page, then adding water, then glitter.

The process is always challenging. I’m always checking in with myself to see if what i’m creating matches what I’m feeling. Communicating for my soul is no easy task.

I’m always amazed at the final result. Always. Creating something that resonates with a feeling that comes from deep down in my gut creates the most energizing aliveness. It’s like meeting someone for the first time and feeling like you've known them forever. It's like hearing a song that might as well have been written about your life. It's like talking to someone who truly gets you.

 Intention: You Are The Universe

Intention: You Are The Universe

The paintings pictured here, as well as other batches, will be for sale here at The Growth Studio in March. Join the Inner Circle below to be among the first to know when these little beauties are available for purchase!

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Have an intention for your journey that you'd like to see in painting form? Let me know in the comments below!