Let It Grow



Art has a way of illuminating vast spaces of our minds. It's able to say things that words can't, and touch things untouchable. Whether it's music, dance, or visual art, there's worlds underneath words - and art is the vehicle for exploration.

In Art Therapy, we recognize that art is a way of knowing. Creative expression can free us from our mind's consistent loops, and open the door to new ways of thinking. I like to think of art as a compass; what we create points us in the direction of our desires, our motivations, and our truth.

I wholeheartedly believe in courageous, authentic living. I believe in finding and following your own path through the scary forest of change. And I think creativity is the best way to support the inherent unpredictability and messiness of life.

That's why, once a month, I'll be posting about my personal creative process. This series is called "In The Studio," and it will serve as a firsthand look at my internal experience through creative expression. It will inevitably catalogue my growth as an artist, business owner, and human. Enjoy!

Today, I needed to collage.

Layers. Paint. Text. Glitter. Image.

Ingredients of a full story.

I listened.