The Forest

The Hero’s Journey is a framework that I hold close to my heart.

It has validated my life journey a thousand times over, and will continue to do so until I die. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, do yourself a favor and watch Finding Joe. You’ll thank me later.

After heeding the call to action and pursuing her dreams, the Hero always finds herself in points of isolation, confusion, and disorientation. She received guidance, motivation, and encouragement and built up the courage to step into the forest on her own, blazing her own path. But there comes a point when the light from the valley behind her grows dim; she’s in the thick brambles and nothing makes sense and she begins to question everything.

I’m in the forest.

I know the forest well. Not this particular forest, perhaps, but the feeling that comes from reaching this point of disorientation. I know because I’m grasping for answers. For assurance. For insurance.

There’s a ceaseless wildfire burning inside me who’s sole job is to find clarity. She questions everything. EVERYTHING. My relationships, my life choices, the things I choose to do each day. The ironic thing is… this anxiety-provoked seeking seems to create more anxiety. I don’t know the answers, therefore, I feel more lost.

The wildfire wants nothing more than to burn the fucking forest to the ground. That would make it a lot easier to discover where I need to go, right?

Not quite.

What I’ve learned from being in the forests of my own Hero’s Journey is that the confusion is necessary. We are supposed to feel lost. It’s in the periods of disorientation that we have a choice to either freak out or trust the process.

Not knowing what the fuck is going on is part of the journey.

Because how are we supposed to know how to proceed? We’ve never been here before! Yes, there’s a comfort in knowing, in being sure. But the path to sureness is through not knowing. We receive little clues and tokens that we need for the rest of our journey in the forest. If we burn it down, we lose all of that.

If we accept that we don’t know, and we just sit for a minute to regain a sense of ourselves, the path always reveals itself.


So instead of beating myself up for feeling lost, and confused, and messy… I’m going to remind myself that I’m right on track. I’m going to do things that help me feel connected to myself, like practicing yoga, spending time in nature, and holding crystals. And I’m going to remember my Core Desired Feelings.

I’m going trust myself and my intentions, and I’m going to keep it pointed to where I want to go. #truthbomb.