10 Ways B-School Changed My Life: From Lost Therapist to Empowered Entrepreneur


When I discovered Marie Forleo’s B-School, I was still trying to make myself fit into a career track that wasn’t meant for me. I was a therapist, working in community mental health, two years out of grad school, with a long career path ahead of me.

I was in rough shape. I was having multiple anxiety attacks every week, and almost daily migraines. I felt stuck. I had invested a ton of time and money in becoming a therapist, and the thought of leaving the field made me sick to my stomach. However, I couldn’t ignore the signs and symptoms I was experiencing. I had to get out. 

Almost as if by divine intervention, at the time I had finally come to terms with leaving to start my own creative business, I learned about B-School. I took a leap of faith, and enrolled, and my life hasn’t been the same since.

These are the 10 ways B-School changed my life:

1. It empowered me to pursue my dreams

I still remember sitting on my couch, tears drying on my face, listening to one of Marie’s trainings, in which she told her story of starting her business by herself, with very little resources or connections. She, too, left a career path that wasn’t meant for her, and over time, built an empire. “If she can do it,” I thought, “so can I.”

2. It gave me the tools I needed to truly succeed

There’s no shortage of inspirational “You Can Do It” content out there, which is fine. But actual empowerment is providing tools for success, not just motivational platitudes.

Marie’s empowerment didn’t stop at inspiration. She literally created B-School to give creative female entrepreneurs all the right tools to make the world a better place. Before going through the program, I had almost no knowledge of how to run a business online. After two years in B-School, I know more about online marketing, sales, and the business world in general than I ever thought I would.

3. It taught me to think differently about helping people

I became a therapist to impact people’s lives in a positive way. I thought that counseling was the best way to do that, but when I actually started doing the work, I felt empty. Something was missing. It became clear that I needed to help people in a different way.

B-School opened my eyes to all the ways I could use my unique skills and talents to create a business that helps people in my specific way.

4. It unraveled preconceived notions about business and business people

It also challenged my preconceived notions about business and marketing. Marketing was always a dirty word to me, and I saw it as manipulative and slimy. Marie opened my eyes to the ways marketing can be done with authenticity and integrity, and actually help people without asking for anything in return.

5. It released me from a misaligned career path

Since the program provided the tools I needed to succeed, I was able to release my grip on my existing career path. As I mentioned, B-School didn’t just inspire me to make a change, it gave me the tangible action steps I needed to take in order to persevere and flourish.

6. It drastically improved my mental health

In 30 years of life, I’ve learned that when I’m doing things I’m “supposed to” do, rather than what my heart and intuition are telling me to do, I become anxious and depressed. Trying to build a conventional career as a therapist was evidence of that. When I ventured off of the path that had been set for me (by my degree and past goals), and onto the path on which my heart was leading me, my anxiety lifted. My depression decreased.

I won’t say entrepreneurship has been stress-free, because it hasn’t. But living out of alignment was killing me, and B-School was the impetus for me to follow my heart and improve my mental health and well-being.

7. It allowed me to be myself

Throughout my life, I learned to wear masks. I learned that the real me could be rejected and misunderstood, so I became really good at hiding. I hid behind my interests, hobbies, and eventually, my education and occupation. But when my job was wearing me down to nothing, I got tired of hiding. 

Becoming a creative business owner has allowed me to be the introvert that I am and structure my business around my interaction style. B-School empowered me to use my authentic voice in order to create and sustain my dream business. I can’t even begin to describe with words how good it feels to not have to hide in order to succeed in my business.

8. It helped me find my Zone of Genius

When I started B-School, I was pretty lost. The two years that followed were characterized by a journey inward to find myself and a journey outward to shed the layers of who I thought I was. By releasing myself from who I thought I should be, I was able to discover who I was, and what I actually wanted to be doing with my time. 

9. It gave me freedom

This may be implied at this point, but in addition to the freedom I felt in being myself, I found freedom in setting my own schedule, and working from home, and being my own boss. I was never really good at being employed, and when I started a business with B-School, I finally learned why: I value freedom more than most things.

10. It made me feel like I belong

At this point, you might be thinking, “Well, sure, but a lot of these things could have been found with any business training.” And I don’t agree. When I thought about what makes B-School so special, for me, it boils down to this: I feel like I belong.

Coming from someone who left a career full of colleagues and connections, the transition was lonely. Belonging is a feeling we all need, and when I left my job, I didn’t know if I would feel belonging in my career again.

What I discovered, though, is that the B-School community is full of people like me. Creative souls who wanted more for their life. People from all backgrounds, countries, and walks of life, learning and walking the path together.



If you’ve been considering enrolling in B-School, take it from me: it will change your life.

Enrollment is open until March 1st, and won’t open again until February 2019.

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Disclaimer: I fully believe in the power of this work given my personal experience with the B-School course content and may earn a referral fee if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you.